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A marketplace for creative design lovers with a soft spot for sustainability - say hello to MajKay! 

Sustainable production, fair working conditions or the use of recycled materials - attributes that more and more fashion and lifestyle companies are taking up these days. Sounds good at first, and yes: our planet needs more of it! Unfortunately, it quickly becomes difficult for customers, especially in the case of large and well-known companies with non-transparent production chains. How are consumers supposed to know whether these are serious good intentions or so-called "greenwashing "*? That's what Majken, her partner Kay and his daughter Valerie thought and made a virtue out of necessity. Out of a desire to do more good and at the same time push their own sustainable design label, they founded an entire marketplace together: MajKay!

A Marketplace for designers, artists and creatives from all over the world - made for everyone who loves diverse and fairly made design!

"We started as a sustainable design label," says the founding team. "However, from the very beginning, we were not only concerned with sustainable products and production, but also with social commitment. And that's when we quickly realised that we could simply achieve much more with additional, very different suppliers!" 

No sooner said than done. While Majken mainly takes care of the MajKay Design label, Kay and Valerie have taken over the Marketplace. And so www.MajKay.com is now home to numerous traders who offer their colourful and creative products and specialise in various aspects of sustainability. For example, there are unusual bags and purses that are handmade in Mexico from collected can lids and other 100% recycled materials. The artisans are paid fairly for their work and the proceeds contribute substantially to their livelihoods. Or beautiful handmade baskets made of sea grass, a great natural product that is guaranteed to look great in any home that wants to exude a little more Scandi chic. Or, of course, the casual shoppers from their own brand MajKay Design, where every single piece is completely handmade in Germany. 

Small retailers, personal contacts, maximum transparency

In the coming weeks, more partners are to be added who will sell their products via the Fair Fashion Marketplace. What criteria does the team use to select new traders? Quite different: "We love to show a colourful smorgasbord of elements. At first glance, this may not seem to fit together, but maybe that's exactly our style. We love this ambivalence!", the two reveal. "Our team consists of business economists, master tailors, designers - in fact, many creative people who all share a love of social commitment, who are committed to a diverse community and who care about protecting our planet. And that is what MajKay is all about. That's what we want our partners to bring to the table, and that's what we want to offer people out there." 

Of course, not every retailer fulfils every sustainability attribute. They all bring their own individual story and each one of them contributes to making the world a bit more sustainable, recycled, fairer or greener. Overall, however, the bar is set high: MajKay has set itself the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as a guideline and signpost. The traders always fulfil parts of these goals. And it should also be clear to customers which parts these are: MajKay as a marketplace relies heavily on transparency - in the shop, customers can always read the story of the respective supplier directly and thus not only shop according to style, but also according to which projects they like best. Shopping for matters of the heart, so to speak! 

Would you like more of this? No problem - in the next few weeks we'll be regularly introducing you to our partners and their fantastic creative products. Until then, you can get a first impression by clicking through the MajKay Marketplace. Have fun and see you soon!

Your MajKay Team

* What does "greenwashing" mean? Greenwashing is the attempt by companies to present themselves as environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly through marketing measures, donations or by emphasising individual, usually minimally ecologically valuable aspects of production.