Ecological Wrapping Paper Fir Forest Large
Ecological wrapping paper made from grass
Dimensions: 100x70 cm
Type of materials: Grass paper
5,50 EUR
incl. 19% tax
1 to 12 (from a total of 70)

Varied selection of decoration from all over the world

In the Living category, you'll find a diverse selection of unique products that are all sustainably made. From coffee filters made of cherry wood and table mats made of jute to glass drinking straws, scented candles and vases - the Living category with its subcategories of glass, plaids / blankets, vases, candles, kitchen, baskets, wrapping paper and macramé leaves nothing to be desired. Browse through our diverse range of unusual decorative items and let yourself be inspired. At the same time, you are doing something good for the environment in the long term by buying our products, as they are either made from recycled materials or from rapidly renewable raw materials. In this way, we contribute to the sustainable use of available resources, while you also protect the environment in the long term by buying sustainably manufactured products.

MajKay Living stands for unique decorative articles.

We offer an exquisite selection of products from the Living sector. These include various vases, macramé, ecological wrapping paper and baskets made of sea grass. But plaids and blankets are also part of our standard assortment. Made from recycled cotton and yarn, these blankets are perfect for your next picnic or visit to the beach. Plaids are also an excellent choice as a decorative element for the home. Choose your favourite colour from our wide range of plaids / blankets and bring a bit of cosiness into your four walls. Or how about products that are hard to find anywhere else? In addition to reusable coffee filters made of cherry wood with matching hemp thaler, you will find numerous other unusual products such as palm bowls, cloth napkins or glass drinking straws in the kitchen sub-category.

High quality vases made from recycled glass

Our online shop also offers a large selection of mouth-blown and handmade vases in various colours. From classic colours like champagne and grey to unusual colours like green and black - you will find the right vase for every taste. And so that your desired flower also finds enough space there, we offer our vases in different sizes. However, all our vases have one thing in common: they are made of 100% recycled glass. After all, the idea behind our online shop is the sustainable use of existing resources in order to protect our environment as much as possible.