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What awaits you in the Specials category

The Specials category contains changing products from our range. Whether it's a shopping bag, fashion, accessories or a big one-piece bag - you'll find something of everything here, depending on availability. The products in the Specials category are available at a special price because they are so-called B-ware. B-ware is when a designer doesn't create the product on the first try, but has presented it before. The items you find here are by no means worse than comparable items from the other categories - there are usually only minimal differences that the respective designer has changed again for his final product. Neither the quality of the material used nor the colour differs from the final product - usually it is a minimal change in the shape of the product.

It is worth taking a regular look here

The Specials category always gets new articles when one of our designers has made a minimal change to the final product. Therefore, the previous version is by no means worse or even unsaleable. However, we at MajKay have decided that in such a case you can make a very special bargain. The prices you see in this category for the bags, blankets or dresses are significantly lower than the actual retail price. This way you save a lot of money while getting an absolutely unique item. To make sure you don't miss any of the bargains, it's worth taking a look at this category every now and then. That way, you can be sure to be one of the first to see the reduced B-goods.

More special offers from MajKay

The Specials category also provides space for all the special offers we have at MajKay. If a product is taken out of our assortment, you can also find the last few items here in the Specials category. And even if we add a brand new product to our range and initially offer it at a particularly low price, you will first find it in the Specials category. Whether it's a bag, fashion or beauty product - no matter which item we offer you in our entire online shop, they all have one thing in common: they come from sustainable production that uses either recycled materials or renewable raw materials.