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Our Big One Piece Bag is the good mood shopper.

Are you looking for an extraordinary beach bag for your next holiday at the beach? Then our Big One Piece Bag is just the thing for you! The Good Mood Shopper is available in three different designs: Mandala pink-grey, Zebra green and Zebra grey. Each bag is made of almost 100 percent pure cotton with a small mix of cotton and linen. The bags captivate above all with their unique look, because - as their name suggests - they are made from only one piece. The handles are therefore made of the same material. Thanks to their comfortable width, they sit comfortably on the wearer's shoulder. Visually, our Big One Piece Bags are absolute highlights. But the inside of the good mood shopper also scores with lots of space and attention to detail.

Do you feel like shopping in a good mood?

Our Big One Piece Bag has a large compartment so that you have enough space for your treasures on your next shopping trip. For your valuables, our new beach bags each have an extra compartment inside and an extra zipped pocket. If necessary, you can simply hook it onto the stainless steel ring on the inside with a carabiner so that it is securely attached to your shopping bag. The great colours of the tote literally radiate a good mood and make you want to go to the sun, beach and on holiday. And the best thing is: they can be wonderfully combined with other colours. Especially our tassels, which are also available in various colours, go perfectly with the Big One Piece Bags.

A special feature of the Big One Piece Bags: they come from sustainable production.

We pay a lot of attention to the use of natural materials for our articles, e.g. fashion and accessories. We find that there are so many great ways to make great clothes and accessories sustainably, especially in fashion. For example, we only use designer and interior fabrics left over from other productions to make our Big One Piece Bags. These fabrics are of particularly high quality and did not have to be specially produced for our collection. Furthermore, we want to support the high-quality production in Germany with our unique collections. This way we know that every single piece from our collections exactly meets our very high quality standards.