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New trend: fashion from upcycling

Do you love trendy outfits that accentuate your own personal look? Do you like fashion that makes you stand out from the rest? Are you committed to protecting our environment and trying to do something good for it? If so, MajKay is the right shop for you. And if not: first browse through our online shop and let our products inspire you. You're sure to discover one or two items that you didn't expect. MajKay specialises in the production and sale of unusual products that are dedicated to the theme of sustainability. In addition to upcycled clothes, bracelets and purses, you can also find handmade bags, blankets and macramé made from recycled materials or materials that grow back very quickly. In the fashion category, we present our unique upcycling dresses, each made from 100% recycled cotton.

Upcycling dresses made from recycled cotton

Our selection of high quality upcycling clothes is constantly growing. In the development as well as in the production of our upcycling fashion, we not only make sure to use only recycled cotton, but above all that the dresses are elegant, fit perfectly and are soft and supple. Thanks to the cotton fabric and its high weave density, the material retains its perfect fit even after washing. Moreover, the cotton cools in summer and warms its wearer in turn in winter. Combined with chic high-heels or sporty with sandals, our upcycled fashion looks great in every season and for every occasion.

Environmental protection through sustainability

We at MajKay think that there are already enough online shops where you can buy industrially produced mass fashion. There are also numerous shops that produce accessories, decorative items and bags from polluting plastic. However, since our credo is the sustainable use of existing resources, we have made it our mission to use these resources in the best possible way and to create unique new products from them. You can already find the first articles from the areas of fashion, accessories, bags and living online. More extraordinary upcycling products will be added little by little. Become part of the MajKay community and protect our environment by buying products that are either made from recycled materials or from renewable raw materials.