Food & Drinks

6,90 EUR
9,20 EUR per Litre
incl. 19% tax
6 bottles per carton:
- Kopie
14,50 EUR
19,33 EUR per Litre
incl. 19% tax
6 bottles per carton:
1 to 12 (from a total of 15)

Food & Drinks from organic farming

Are you looking for food that comes from organic farming? Then our online shop is the right place for you. We offer a diverse selection of high-quality products that all have one thing in common: In the production of our food & drinks, we only use raw materials from fast-growing resources. The sustainability of the products is very important to us. This also applies to all coffee and espresso beans from our Café category under Food & Drinks.

Choose your favourite coffee variety

There you will find, among other things, various café products of the Albricia variety, which is grown in the Quindio region of Colombia. High up at around 1,500 metres, the weather conditions are perfect, ensuring that the coffee plants grow slowly but steadily. In this way, they naturally develop a high level of sweetness, which gives Albricia coffee its unique taste. Now it's up to you to decide which flavour you like best: we offer Albricia coffee in flavours like toffee and chocolate, tropical fruity and caramel. Click through our versatile assortment of espresso and coffee beans in the Food & Drinks category under Café and choose your favourite variety. Our range also includes various sets of coffee beans, so you can try out several varieties at once. Bring the taste of Colombian coffee to your home at the click of a mouse and treat yourself to that little bit extra to end a long day comfortably and relaxed with a delicious cup of coffee.

What is so special about MajKay coffee?

As with all products in our online shop, we place great value on sustainable production for the products in the Food & Drinks category. All our products are made where the necessary raw materials are available in sufficient quantities. You will look in vain for industrial production. When selecting our articles, it is much more important to us that we use the available natural resources for the production of our products instead of polluting the environment with industrial mass production. Nevertheless, we offer our customers a diverse selection of high-quality products from various areas.