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We offer sustainable care and beauty products

In our Beauty category you will find a select range of high-quality care and beauty products. Like all our articles, our hygiene products are also made from raw materials that come from sustainable cultivation. Every product in our online shop is part of a large international marketplace where creative design lovers with a soft spot for sustainability can offer their products. From high-quality care products to beauty articles made from renewable raw materials to hygiene articles for everyday use - a constantly growing number of sustainable products await you in the beauty category.

Extraordinary beauty products made of bamboo

Our online shop stands for extraordinary products that either come from recycled materials or are made from renewable raw materials. MajKay beauty products are no exception: in the hygiene sub-category, for example, you will find toilet paper made from bamboo, one of the fastest-growing raw materials in the world. Bamboo is also versatile and has very good material properties. The bamboo plant stores a relatively large amount of carbon during its rapid growth and absorbs an enormous amount of CO2. Due to its unique root system, it continuously forms new culms. Even when large quantities are harvested, the bamboo plant's population is always maintained and does not die out. Bamboo as a raw material is therefore the ideal material to produce sustainable products for hygiene and body care.

Bamboo toilet paper - biodegradable and sustainable

Among other things, we offer toilet paper made of bamboo, which is both vegan and produced without animal testing. In addition, we only use bamboo for the production, so that the tree population does not have to suffer. The bamboo toilet paper sheets are biodegradable and contain neither ink nor dyes. Our bamboo toilet paper does not contain any bisphenol A, chlorine or plastic, not even in the packaging. This means that by buying bamboo toilet paper you are protecting the environment, while at the same time supporting the sustainable production of biodegradable hygiene products.
MajKay stands for sustainable beauty products
At MajKay, we support the sustainable and environmentally friendly production of items for everyday life. Especially when care products are made from rapidly renewable raw materials such as bamboo, you will find them in our online shop.